CHIT CHAT hit the road

         Monday night was the first night for Pooja Singh to host her brand new show called Chit Chat on OSV Radio. The show being the first of its kind in the platform was broadcasted all around the world and had most of the listener in South Africa.

The topic of the day was the relevance of radio in these modern days, she spoke and discussed about the history of radio and the invasion of moving picture  due to advancement of science and technology in information sector. “I chose Radio as my first chit chat topic because i wanted to show and see the importance of radio in our daily life”she said.

Pooja hosting her first show

The show had a guest Mr. Ayubu Mbarazi who is a musician, event organizer, arts manager and promoter and also have a good experience working with different radio stations in his projects. He is from Tanzania but currently living in Bulgaria.

Ayubu spoke about the contribution of radio in his growth during 1990’s and 2000’s where radio were the source of information to a larger number community/society than the present where there is emergence of smart phones, online television and information media.

Ayubu as a guest on chit chat

The show will be on air again every monday at 08:00 pm for an hourm different topics will be discussed. Dont miss chit chat with Pooja.

Have a lovely day.