Meeting with 3 generation volunteers from Tanzania

With very big pleasure we sharing our emotional meeting in Tanzania.

Last days a couple of members from Open Space Foundation and Chamwino Arts center have a chance to work together again in a second training course in the new project that we implementing together.

“F.I.R.E. – From Idea to Reality & Exsicution” are our tirth project under program Erasmus+, Key Action 2: Capacity Building activities in the field of youth, that will allow us to expand our work and to establish serious networks. Three training courses (the first one already done in South Africa – about Leaderships), the second one – in Tanzania about project planning and implementing and the last one in Bulgaria – about communication skills will allow us to develope capacity of our team members and to delegate them more responsibilityes.

What make us so happy is to see our volunteers from 2 previous projects implemented together. With some one of them we will work in the next 2 years, with others we meet them to see what is going in their life.

Lotti and Agatha (in the picture bellow) were part of our first project “Arts for social change”. Lotti has his own buisness. Work in financial sector, and want to be independant and sussesful interpeneur. Agi – is a part of Chamwino art center team. Working in a filed of communication and visibility. Angaging also in the work of Chamwino Connection that will present you later.

Gudrun – was a part of the second group volunteers from Tanzania that spent 6 months in Bulgaria. We still remeber his African screen shooting events in Sofia, and now waiting his proposal for new one – in 27 March. In Dar es Salaam we saw his works – shirts that he collored with batic technic. And guest: we already pay our new shirts!

Ayubu – was participant in the last group, and now is angaged with preparation of the festival that our colleagues from Tanzania organizing. With Gudrun and Agatha on the board, Chamwino has good leaders, with potential tochange the world.

Stacy – was in Bulgaria 2018 and we still remeber her fashion show “Cultural heritage”. Now we found her in her attelie in Art Space Nafasi to realize her dreams to work in fashio industry.

Only Cati wasn’t here, but we realized that she is in a training camp in Congo, following her dreams to work with children and to present African history and memory.


To met all these young people again, to see how much they grow up and how much they contribute to their community was a realy pleasure for us. We observing you people, and will share each one your progress and success!


Stay tuned to see how our work will continue and to fins useful tools that we will provide for stakholdres and colleagues from NGO sector.